Dry Swimming Lessons

When do we do dry land lessons?

  • When the pool is undergoing maintenance
  • When you had to evacuate the pool (contagious diseases –vomiting)
  • When the heat pump is broken (Water is cold)(weather is very cold)
  • Lightning is a safety risk.  When there is lightning we evacuate the swimming pool to ensure everyone is safe.

Why do we do dry lessons?

  • Swimkidz SA made a commitment to all the parents to do a certain amount of lessons so we cannot afford to cancel lessons due to the above mentioned reasons on WHEN DO WE DO DRY LESSONS also(refer to section 6 registration form)

A child should learn  to do swim techniques outside water because in the water there’s resistance and forces that can influence the child’s ability to perform stokes (eddy resistance, frontal resistance and skin/surface resistance)

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