Why swim during winter times

Parents always ask the question of whether or not their kids should swim during the winter times.  Here at Swimkidz we have indoor/heated pools, we supply heaters and hairdryers to ensure that your child remains warm during the swim lesson and dry when they leave.

Here are 7 other reasons why your child should swim during the winter:

  • Health

We have a number of kids who struggle with asthma during winter who continue with their swimming lessons each year. This is an excellent form of exercise which assists with the release of phlegm on their chest and eases their breathing.

  • Fitness

Most kids get unfit during the winter, television becomes their best friend and keeping fit the least of their worries.  Swimming keeps them active, fit and healthy.  It is fun and at the same time ensures a full body exercise!

  • Evaluation

SwimkidzSA has two formal evaluations during the year. The first evaluation will be before the June/July school holiday.  If you decide to cancel your child’s lessons for winter, he/she will miss their evaluation and therefore cannot be moved to the next level.  This will mean that your child will not be rewarded for his/her hard work during the year and will also be left behind while their friends move on to the next level. 

  • Cold Water

The standard water temperature for the swimming pool water is 30°-33°c. We will occasionally adjust the water temperature in order to lower it. The reason for this is to train the kids how to react when they end up falling into cold water or need to swim in cold water.

  • Hyperactivity

Swimming will stimulate kids who struggle with hyperactivity.  Let us use your child’s energy, by letting him “swim” out his/her frustration rather than you dealing with it at home.

  • Dry lessons

As part of our evaluation, we will do dry lessons.  This will be done outside of the pool.  This will assist with their stroke action as well as fitness.  This will only be done when it is EXTREMELY cold.

  • Friday lessons

Please remember that during the term your child will have alternative Friday lessons.  This will mean that your child will swim every second Friday, to make up for the school holidays

Your child has worked really hard this term and deserves to be evaluated.  If you take them out during the winter, then he/she will miss out on this opportunity to move on to the next level.



Scientific studies of infant swimming in Germany have shown that the early stimulation develops the child in three key areas- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As compared with a control group, which did not take year-round lessons, the children who swam consistently from infancy were significantly stronger and more coordinated. The muscles developed in a process similar to physical therapy enabled the children to excel at all physical activities and was not limited to swimming.

The children also scored higher for intelligence and problem solving, which carried over into excellence and alertness in school.

Emotionally, children who swim year-round were found to be more self-disciplined and to have motivation and confidence to succeed. From consistent goal setting, learning, and achievement, they rated high in self respect.

We want to encourage all parents to send their kids for swimming lessons during winter.  This will give them the chance to “show off” when they get to the formal evaluations. Therefore, dress them warm, a scarves can be helpful too on really cold days. Ensure that all items are clearly marked.

We look forward to see your child swimming during the winter times and will ensure that they are warm at all times!

SwimkidzSA team

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