R5 Save a Life Campaign

R5 Save a Life Campaign

Swimkidz SA wanted to include our current swimming students parents to help save lives, so the R5 project was launched in 2015.

For as little as R5 every individual can make a difference. Most of our current Swimming Parents have the opportunity to add R5 to their monthly swimming fee by Debit order.

HOWTO: How Can You Get Involved?
  • Complete a Swimkidz SA Registration Form.
  • Complete section 5 on the back of the registration form
  • Please mark the R5 Donate section.

* Please refer to the Terms and Conditions below.

  • Cancellation will work the same as normal swim lesson cancellations (1 calendar month notice)
  • When you cancel your swimming lessons, the R5 donation will be cancelled automatically.
  • Swimkidz SA will keep record of all donation amounts.
  • A certain total amount is needed to sponsor a child swimming. When this amount is received in total we will start Sponsorship.
  • Swimkidz SA will sponsor the underprivileged child’s lessons for however long we see fit.
  • Sponsorship does not include transport, swimming towels, swim cap or swim wear.