Save a Life Campaign – Sponsor a Child for Swimming Lessons

Save a Life CampaignSave a Life Campaign

The “Save a Life Campaign” was created in 2013. The idea for this campaign was to make a difference in the community and to invest in underprivileged children who can’t swim. Swimkidz SA undertook it to get companies and individuals to sponsor children from families that cannot afford swimming lessons as well as children’s homes.

The sponsorship includes swimming lessons for 6 months, Swim Wear, a Towel, a Swim Cap and a Bag. We sadly found that most of these underprivileged children don’t have basic swim wear and a towel and couldn’t afford to buy it to come for free swimming lessons.

The parents of these individuals mostly also struggle with transportation to and from swimming classes, so in this case we try to get the transport sponsored too.

Facts About Drowning in South Africa

Drowning statistics in South Africa are generally poorly monitored and recorded but according to the information available, more than 600 drowning’s take place every year. The majority of these are children between the ages of one and four years. More shocking is the fact that, on average, six children drowns in residential swimming pools every month; this being while under some form of supervision.

One of the scariest statistics, according to Netcare 911, is that for every child who dies by drowning, five are left with permanent brain damage as a result of the prolonged lack of oxygen. It takes only four minutes without oxygen for irreversible brain damage to occur.

Drowning is listed as one of the top causes of unnatural deaths among children in South Africa. At the same time, these unfortunate events are actually preventable. An estimated 70% of the South African population are not good swimmers and less than 20% of previously disadvantaged people can swim.

Contrary to common belief, most drowning incidents do not occur on the coast during holidays when large numbers of bathers descend on beaches. Instead, most incidents occur in fresh water; in other words private and public swimming pools, dams and rivers.

Coastal incidents involve mostly children between the ages of ten and eighteen, while inland the majority of victims are children between the ages of two and eight years.

IMPORTANT: How does the sponsorship for the Save a Life Campaign work?

Swimkidz SA undertook it to make a difference by getting companies and individuals to sponsor children from families that cannot afford swimming lessons as well as children’s homes.

Sponsorship is valid for either six months or one year. In 6 months we can get a child water safe.

INFORMATION: The sponsored child receives:
  • A Towel (The Sponsoring Company’s Logo and SwimkidzSA Logo will be embrioded on the childs Towel)
  • Branded Swim Clothing
  • Swimming Cap
  • Swimming Bag

  • Swimkidz SA makes every effort to ensure that the child is water save as soon as possible.
  • We invite the local newspaper to do articles on our project, whereby members of your company as well as the sponsored children are photographed.
  • The parents and sponsors are invited to the final evaluation of the swimmers. Your company can however, at any given time, attend the swimming lessons
HOWTO: How do I or my Company get Involved?

For a quotation and presentation please:

Contact Michelle Booysen
Cell:  071 897 3048

  • Sponsorship is not refundable
  • Payment needs to reflect in our bank account before we can proceed and start lessons
  • You/ Your company can at any given time, attend the swimming lessons
  • Swimwear, Bag, Swimcap and Towel

Donations can be paid into the following bank account:

Swimkidz SA Sasolburg
ABSA Cheque Account: 407 408 5608
Branch: 632005
Ref: Donation SAL

Email Proof of Payment to:

An Invoice will be send to your company when payment is received.


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