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Swimkidz SA was established in 2006. Swimkidz SA is a franchise which specializes in the “Learn to Swim” program and advanced Swimming Lessons.

We Believe EVERY child should undergo Swimming Lessons early in his/her life. It could prevent your child from becoming another statistic. Our aim is to teach children water safety as soon as possible from the age of 6 months up to adults

We have warm water pools that are situated indoors so that we can swim throughout the whole year. Our instructors are qualified and go for ongoing training yearly. We also take pride in a curriculum that has been refined over 17 years and still improving yearly. Swimkidz SA currently has 6 franchises: Sasolburg, Meyerton, Randfontein and 3 in Vanderbijlpark.

  • Established in 2006

    Swimkidz SA is also a registered franchise in South Africa

  • Beginners and Advanced

    We offer swimming lessons to beginners as well as to advanced swimmers

  • Importance of Swimming Lessons

    We believe that every child should undergo swimming lessons early in his/her life. It could prevent your child from becoming another statistic

  • Our Curriculum

    Our curriculum is developed and refined over 17 years

  • Success Rate

    We have huge success with our method of teaching

  • Indoor Swimming Pools

    All lessons are given in an indoor swimming pool inside a custom-designed and specially built structure

  • Heated Pools

    The pools are heated to between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius, making it possible to offer swimming lessons throughout the year. All the pools are domestic-sized in which children feel safer than they would in larger public swimming pools.

  • Qualified Instructors

    We Employ only the best teachers with passion for saving lives and workinng with children.  All our instructors are qualified at a Swimming Institution approved by SwimkizSA and have a valid first aid certificate aswell as police clearance.



  • Make sure that your children are supervised by an adult in a swimming pool at all times
  • Don’t leave children alone or unattended, even if they are good swimmers
  • Children that can swim can bump their head and become unconscious in the water and drown

Mission Statement

Swimkidz aims to make a significant contribution to reducing the number of drownings in South Africa and to promote the saving of lives and water safety for children at an early age, by offering professional swimming lessons, throughout the year in temperature-controlled swimming facilities.

Swimkidz SA’s main objective is to contribute to reducing drowning by offering water safety swimming lessons and entry-level swimming lessons. The main distinction between Swimkidz SA and any other swimming school in South Africa is that all lessons take place indoors. This allows Swimkidz SA to offer their services throughout the year, during winter in heated pools, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted swimming proficiency program.

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